Environmental Protection


DOE ScaleMix  v.1.0.0

The objective of the project is to enhance environmental protection and encourage domestic natural gas production by providing accurate information about the water treatment technologies available to support various shale gas water management approac

Hong Kong Weather  v.

HK Weather accesses the data from Hong Kong Observatory and Environmental Protection Department, tells you the current Hong Kong weather with more frequent update and more accurate data. - Choose Chinese or English information - Current Temperature



All data are come for Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. Information contain "Current API", "Forecast API" and "District API". Also, there are advice to public at different API. Features: - Background updates live tile information

River Analysis Package  v.3.0

The River Analysis Package (RAP) assists river and water resource managers to undertake condition assessments, environmental flow planning and river restoration design.

Dirigo Blue  v.

DIRIGO BLUE is a community blog for Democrats and progressives in Maine. The blog covers Maine politics as well as economic, environmental and social issues.? DIRIGO BLUE supports electing more Democrats and holding our party leaders accountable.

EPA SWMM  v.5.0

SWMM was first developed in 1971, and has since undergone several major upgrades since then.

Open Book HVAC Certifications  v.4 2

Open Book HVAC Certifications software is a freeware testing software. This is intended to provide you with new study tools and the means to take your A/C certification tests right from home without the need for an Internet connection.

REMChlor  v.1.0

REMChlor, or Remediation Evaluation Model for Chlorinated Solvents, is an analytical solution for simulating the transient effects of ground water source and plume remediation.

EPA SSOAP Toolbox  v.

Rainfall-derived infiltration and inflow (RDII) into sanitary sewer systems has long been recognized as a source of operating problems in sewerage systems.

Expel Mosquito  v.

Ultrasonic repellent is a natural enemy of mosquitoes by mimicking male dragonfly or mosquito bite driving frequency in order to achieve the effect of female mosquitoes drive products. Features: 1. running does not affect what you do. 2. energy

Online Catalog Maker  v.1.0

helpful tool for designers, web develops and advertisement, convert PDF to flip catalogue with a few click.

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